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Directed by David Cronenberg

Screenplay by Patrick McGrath

Based on ‘Spider‘ by Patrick McGrath

Starring Ralph Fiennes, Miranda Richardson, Gabriel Byrne, Bradley Hall

David Cronenberg’s Spider is an excellent film that marks the end of the main phase of his career (1975 – 2002), before he turned to more “mainstream” themes and forms. Of course, “mainstream” should be taken here with the big chunk of salt because we are talking about David Cronenberg after all. Spider is dark and disturbing, real Freudian nightmare, which is a very familiar territory for Cronenberg. Ralph Fiennes is great as the titular character, a man suffering from schizophrenia who is caught in a web of repressed memories, trying to piece together the pieces of his younger years while visiting the places of his childhood. Everything he sees reminds him of his mother and father, and he tries to reconstruct the childhood event that marked him for life. Spider is a mixture of psychological horror and coming-of-age drama about the disturbed childhood and the traumatic events that change us forever. An extremely underrated film, one of Cronenberg’s best works.


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