François Truffaut’s L’Argent de poche also known as ‘Small Change’ is a very different film from his earlier classic Les Quatre Cents Coups (The 400 Blows) in its depiction of childhood. It shows a lot more its happier side, although it does include some elements present in ‘The 400 Blows’. It is more episodical, showing various adventures of children in a French town Thiers. The episodical structure of the film mirrors the episodic structure of the child’s perception of time and Truffaut uses that masterfully through the film. The central themes of the film are the joys and problems of the childhood and children’s resistance to the injustices of their life (showed literally and metaphorically through the film). The humour and love are one of the most effective weapons against it, as is shown in the film. The moments of love, happiness, pain and injustice are part of the same picture and Truffaut shows them in all their nuances.


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