Directed by Peter Horton

Written by Robert Kuhn

Actors: Joseph Mazzello, Brad Renfro, Annabella Sciorra, Diana Scarwid

Peter Horton directed drama ‘The Cure‘  is a kind of a movie that could easily slip into pathetic and oversentimentality but it thankfully didn’t. The story about the friendship between the two boys, Erik (Brad Renfro), lonely and neglected kid and Dexter (Joseph Mazzello) a HIV-positive kid who lives in single parent family and receives all the love of the world from his mother forms the basis of this small but very important movie.

The acting by Brad Renfro (rest in peace) and Joseph Mazello is excellent and the film largely stands on their shoulders. The script mostly follows the formula but it works really well (with the help of the excellent actors).

Some really strong scenes stand out – for example the sneaker scene at the boat or the confrontation between the two mothers near the end of the movie, although the movie as a whole works really well. Small moments, such as looks or short gestures (for example between Erik and Dexter’s mother) are adding more warmth and beauty.


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  • Georgi 19 / 11 / 2019 Reply

    It has been a while since I watched this film, but I recall it as a very emotional one. A real Coming-of-Age classic – which really deserves repeated viewings. I will be sure to watch it again in the near future.

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