Directed by Jane Kavčić

Written by Jane Kavčić and Vitan Mal

Based on the book ‘Teci, teci kuža moj’ by Vitan Mal

Actors: Matjaž Gruden, Nino de Gleria, Mitja Tavčar, Vesna Jevnikar, Lidija Kozlovič

Sreča na vrvici (Hang on, Doggy a.k.a. Happiness on a Leash, 1977) is a Yugoslav film made in 1977. It’s a family/children film with lots of coming-of-age elements. Matic (Matjaž Gruden) lives a lonely, not so interesting life in the urban blocks of Ljubljana, with his mother (Lidija Kozlovič) and his only friend Rok (Nino de Gleria), while father is away working in Lybia. Everything changes when he become involved in the shooting of a film. On film set he meets and falls in love with girl Milena (Vesna Jevnikar) – but is afraid to tell her. Also, he become friends with big Newfoundland dog Jakob. The director of the film gives him Jakob as a present and at first it seems that everything goes fine, but the residents of the building don’t want a dog around. Together with his new friends (former enemies), kids from the block, he will try everything to keep the dog away from the adults.

The film mixes realistic passages from everyday life with the ones existing in Matic’s fantasy. It alternates between sad and cheerful moments, sometimes featuring both in one scene. If you are interested in cinema from ex Yugoslavia or Europe or if you are a dog person (I like both dogs and cats) I highly recommend you to see it! Recently rewatched it for the umpteenth time and it’s still great as the first time I saw it long time ago.


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